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The National Science Foundation funded the Center for School Reform of TERC, Inc., to conduct a 3-year study of science instruction in high schools that were pioneers in one-to-one computing and ubiquitous high speed Internet access.

Our case studies allowed us to explore how teachers made use of the new resources that this technology offered them, and what benefits they saw for their students and their teaching. We also studied why teachers made the choices they did in integrating technology in their classrooms to a greater or lesser extent, and what challenges and difficulties they addressed in making their instructional decisions.

In 2010 we completed a 20-page white paper entitled, "The test of time: Ubiquitous computing visions and realities in 7 pioneering schools." The focus in this piece is not specifically on science teaching, but on the difficult process of technology infusion. It is intended to provide some guidance for schools currently planning new technology implementations. You may access the report here.

We have also recently published a paper in the Journal of Technology, Learning, and Asssesment (JTLA).The paper focuses on three schools that are several years past the "implementation" phase, and explores how 1:1 technology is being deployed in these experienced schools. The article is freely available and can be accessed here.

Visit the Teacher's Review!
We welcome you to visit the Teachers' Review section. Here you will find over 300 teacher reviewed technology resources that have been posted anonymously by the 30 science teachers collaborating in this study. High school biology, chemistry, physics, and earth science teachers will find reviews and links to resources that they might find helpful to use with their own students.

Note: this site is a static archive of the working site; dynamic functionality including logging in, search, and posting have been disabled.

TERC, Inc., founded in 1965, is a nonprofit institution dedicated to research and development in math and science education.

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