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Here you will find over 170 (and growing) teacher-reviewed technology resources that have been posted anonymously by the 30 science teachers collaborating in this study. High school biology, chemistry, physics, and earth science teachers will find reviews and links to resources that they might find helpful to use with their own students. At this time, only our teacher-collaborators may post new reviews but we will soon open the site for visitors to post as well.

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Name: Gas Law Animations
Date Posted: Oct 17, 2006
Subjects: Chemistry
Media: Webware
Type: Visualization or Animation, Graphing, Modeling, or Mapping, Virtual Lab
Description: I use this lab to introduce gas laws to first year students. They fill out a ws by using the site to see the relationships...
Reviews (1) Avg: ****
Name: Fingerprints.TK
Date Posted: Oct 14, 2006
Subjects: Chemistry
Media: Webware
Type: Visualization or Animation
Description: This site gives information about fingerprinting
Reviews (1) Avg: ***
Name: BioVisions
Date Posted: Sep 26, 2006
Subjects: Biology
Media: Webware, video
Type: Visualization or Animation
Description: (Note that we (TERC) provide this resource to serve as an example of a posted resource to which teachers refer.) This is a video of...
Reviews (1) Avg: ****
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