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The Center for School Reform of TERC, Inc., is conducting a 3-year study of science instruction in high schools which are pioneering with one-to-one computing and ubiquitous, high-speed Internet access. In collaboration with teachers from several, diverse case-study schools, we are exploring how teachers decide to make use of the new resources that this technology offers them, and what benefits they see for their students and their teaching. We seek to understand what challenges and difficulties teachers encounter in integrating this technology in their classrooms, and how issues may or may not differ in different science disciplines.

Our goal is provide research-based guidance to teachers and administrators who are contemplating the implementation of ubiquitous computing to enhance science education. We especially hope to provide recommendations relating to classroom strategies and teacher professional development.

For more information about the project, contact the Principal Investigators, Brian Drayton at brian_drayton@terc.edu or Joni Falk at joni_falk@terc.edu.

TERC, Inc., founded in 1965, is a nonprofit institution dedicated to research and development in math and science education. The work of TERC's Center for School Reform, at TERC, Inc., embraces many aspects of science education reform, topics as diverse as teacher professional development, cultural change in classroom, school, and district, and innovation in policy, curriculum, and assessment. For more information about TERC and about CSR, go to www.terc.edu.

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