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Physics Education Technology (PhET): Projectile Motion

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This is part of a number of very good simulations that are part of the University of Colorado's Physics Education Technology Project. There are currently more than 50 simulations, allof which are downloadable.
Author: University of Colorado The PhET Project
Media: Software
Cost: Free
Subjects: Chemistry, Physics, Earth Science
Types: Visualization or Animation, Virtual Lab
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The Projectile Motion applet give the students a choice of nine objects (a golf ball, a Buick, a pumpkin, etc) to fire out of a cannon at any angle from about 50 degrees below horizontal to 180 degrees. There is some overall goal of hitting a target, but in reality, it quickly becomes a game of "How far will it go" or "Fire everyhing and make a mess." You can add air resistance and see how that affects the various factors. It has a running x and y position as well as time in flight.
Posted to site: 11/29/2006
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