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Confronting the Challenges of Participatory Culture: Media Education for the 21st Century

link: .2108773/apps/nl/content2.asp ?content_id=%7BCD911571-0240-4714-A93B-1D0C07C7B6C1%7D¬o c=1
author: Henry Jenkins
published in: The MacArthur Foundation
published: October 19, 2006
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Henry Jenkins, Director of the Comparative Media Studies Program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology published this white paper that explores new frameworks and models for media literacy. This 72 page report was sponsored by MacArthur's division of Digital Media, Learning and Education, and is focused on the development of core media literacy skills among school-aged children and the cultural competencies and social skills that are needed to enhance participation in media engagement and learning. The report includes recommendations formedia learning and engagement within classroom, after-school, and home environments.
posted to site: 11/14/2006
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