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Kinetic Books Virtual Physics Lab: Firing a cannon: Calculating projectile motion

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Kinetic Books Virtual Physics Labs
Author: Kinetic Books Company
Media: Software
Cost: $30 per student, $300 a year for 35 computers
Subjects: Physics
Types: Visualization or Animation, Graphing, Modeling, or Mapping, Virtual Lab
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Artillery has a proud history. Napoleon and Harry Truman labored in the artillery before going on to lead their countries.

Being an officer in the artillery is hard work. Aiming a cannon requires a detailed understanding of projectile motion.

In this lab, you will use trigonometry, vectors and fundamental motion equations to aim a cannon. Master these skills and destroy the enemy castle before its cannon destroys yours!

You will learn:

The principles of projectile motion

How velocity can be analyzed as separate vertical and horizontal components

How to determine the range of a projectile

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