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posted: on June 14, 2007 at 1:44PM

My rating of this resource: ***

My experience using this resource:
AP Chemistry

Topic I was teaching:
Activities are available for almost every general chemistry topic

My learning goal for which this resource was used:
Students become actively engaged in constructing knowledge rather than passively taking notes

Course Level:

How I/my students used the resource:
Students are provided with an activity and a form to assess their group's performance. With minimal facilitation from the teacher, students discuss and answer questions of increasing complexity, going from straightforward recapitulation of printed information to synthesis of concepts to extrapolating to unfamiliar situations. Groups report back at the end of the session to compare results and discuss how their groups functioned and submit reports to the teacher at the end of the activity.

Value Added:
Provides practice or tutorial, Provides assessment opportunity, Increases student engagement and motivation

Students are active rather than passive

Students are constructing their own knowledge rather than copying and memorizing information

Students are practicing skills (writing, answering questions, solving problems) that they will actually be required to demonstrate in future assessments

Activities are of uneven quality and difficulty

Teacher has to understand how the method is supposed to work and be skilled at facilitating student learning rather than just answer questions

Students need to "buy in" to the group learning concept and gain experience over multiple activities

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