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POGIL stands for "Process-Oriented, Guided Inquiry Learning" and is an NSF-supported project to promote a classroom style in which students work with definite roles in small groups through a guided inquiry activity. Through practice and monitoring, students become aware of how they learn and since the process is active rather than passive, students are reported to be more engaged and in at least some cases to perform better on standard measures of achievement. The web site explains the project but also has a wealth of downoadable activites. Most of the activities developed so far are for college chemistry, but the general chem activites would be appropriate for AP Chemistry, and there is also a section specifically devoted to high school chemistry. The project has a goal of expanding into other disciplines so the library can be expected to grow. The web site also provides information about workshops that are available at various sites and in various lengths for teachers that are interested in learning how to use the POGIL method and/or develop their own POGIL materials.
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