Review for:How Cells Divide: Mitosis vs. Meiosis

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posted: on April 5, 2008 at 6:10AM

My rating of this resource: ****

My experience using this resource:

Topic I was teaching:
Cell Division, Mitosis & Meiosis

My learning goal for which this resource was used:
My Learning objectives were for students to understand, interact, and internalize the various stages of mitosis and meiosis. In addition, they were to be able to compare and contrast the two.

Course Level:
Intro or Regular

How I/my students used the resource:
Students used this resource as one of their many resource to research the various phases of mitosis and meiosis. They were to first complete a drawing of the phases. Then, they were to use PowerPoint, Inspiration, Flash, or a brochure to teach the process to the class.

Value Added:
Provides visualization or animation, Increases mapping skills, Increases modeling skills, Increases data collection & analysis skills, Provides practice or tutorial, Provides additional content, Increases student engagement and motivation

This resourse is of great quality in that the content was easy for students to internalize. It was a very effective learning tool for the students could easily learn the various phases without my assistance. As far as classroom management, I had to keep circulate the classromm to ensure that the students remained on task. Lately, it has been more of a challenge to keep students on task while they use their laptop; instant messaging and myspace are serious distraction.


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