Review for:How Cells Divide: Mitosis vs. Meiosis

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posted: on February 12, 2008 at 12:06PM

My rating of this resource: *****

My experience using this resource:

Topic I was teaching:

My learning goal for which this resource was used:
I wanted students to review meisis and review mitosis at the same time. These are two very similar processes that they can confuse at times. It is important to makes sure they are clear on the steps and purpose fro each mechanism of cell divison.

Course Level:
A.P., Honors or Advanced, Intro or Regular

How I/my students used the resource:
After have talked about the steps of meiosis I had students use the animation in class in groups of two on a tablet computer. They had to go through each stage of the animation and suppliment their class notes with information on the animation. They also had to make a list of things that were similar and different about mitosis and meiosis in each stage of division.

Value Added:
Provides visualization or animation, Provides practice or tutorial, Provides additional content, Provides assessment opportunity, Increases student engagement and motivation

The animation move slowly and can be replayed at any time. They can even replay one half of the animation at a time if they want to. The maternal and paternal chromosomes are color coded which help illustrate hapliod and diploid cells.

None that I really found. My students liked working with this animation.

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