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Discover Biology: Cell Structure & Compartments

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Publisher: Norton Books
This resource is one part of a larger collection of animations and interactive learning activities. /animations.asp
Author: Michael L. Cain
Media: Webware
Cost: Free
Subjects: Biology
Types: Visualization or Animation, assessment tool
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This series of animations and interactive tutorials provide an opportunity to assist students in learning about cell structure and organelle function. Eukaryotic and Prokaryotic cells are explored and described. The tutorials provide the ability to step-through the animation or watch and listen to a narrated version. The activities are in Shockwave format while the animations are in Flash. Both types of resources can be effectively incorporated into powerpoint presentations or IWB Flip charts. Many of the activities include opportunities for students to use the interactive whiteboard (drag and drop illustrations) to gain an increased understanding of cellular components.
Posted to site: 11/04/2007
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